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Before you drop a quarter into the next parking meter, make sure it’s not a Wisconsin quarter. And if it is, check the corn husk because an irregularity in minting some of the Wisconsin commemorative quarters has made their value skyrocket to the meteoric price of $1,500.

The Wisconsin quarter features a cow, a cheese wheel and a corn husk. The leaves on the corn husk are, in most cases, facing down. Coin aficionados from the trade publication Coin World have identified the mis-mints as having “incongruities on the leaves on the left side of the ear of corn” and are willing to pay top cheese for it. And we ain’t talkin’ cheddar.

Millions More March

FarrakhanFarrakhan’s Millions More March in Washington DC this weekend drew far less than the same march 10 years ago. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority said subway ridership by 7 pm was just under 368,000 - compared with a Saturday average of nearly 220,000. In the 1995 event, only blacks were invited. Yesterday all were invited, yet the numbers were dramatically lower. Still, a Washington man commented on how no other black leader could pull this kind of event together, comparing Farrakhan to Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jr. I wouldn’t go that far myself. I believe Farrakhan is a slickster and liar, two things I do not believe about Malcom and Martin.

Nevermind the evidence showing Louisianna’s state, county, and city governments bearing the blame for the costly delays and indecisiveness, Farrakhan forges ahead with his ‘blame Bush’ agenda.

On a recent occasion, Farrakhan has stated that the US government detonated explosives at the levee point nearest black neighborhoods during Katrina’s landfall to ensure blacks were flooded out and killed.

I watched some of the speakers on C-SPAN reruns last night. The ‘new and improved’ Black Panther party made an appearance, chanting the 1960’s mantra “black power!”. All in all it didn’t sound very uplifting or positive.

Some past-quotes from Khalid Abdul Muhammed, former assistant to Louis Farrakhan and current leader of the New Black Panther Party.