TN Bus Driver Shot To Death

Barely did the opinion get handed down from the Supreme Court that juveniles won't face a death penalty, when the news relays a story in Tennessee about a female school bus driver was murdered by a male student.

At the time of the shooting, the bus was carrying up to 20 students, ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade, said Bill Austin, a supervisor for Stewart County schools.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Jennifer Johnson said the student taken into custody is 14 years old. Authorities did not immediately give his name.

The bus crashed into a utility pole at the driveway of the student's home and knocked out power in the rural neighborhood. A white sheet was draped across the front of the bus and door as authorities investigated the scene.

Mitchell Kern, a neighbor who graduated from high school last year, said the student who was taken into custody had been kicked off the bus a couple of weeks ago for using smokeless tobacco.

"He was a good kid," Kern said. "He listened to his parents; they loved him to death."

He killed her for kicking him off the bus for using tobacco? And the neighbor has the audacity to state that he's a "good kid"? With liberals setting the pace in our society he'll be out on parole by his 21st birthday. I mean, he is a good kid after all...