Media Reform Needed: Conservatives At Fault

Conservative bias in the MSM?!? Do these liberals actually think people believe this? In fact, these looneys are preaching to a very specific audience, the Howard-Dean-crowd that watch Michael Moore ‘documentaries’.

Of course. Why should there be balance in a news report when we could instead have stories heavily dilluted with liberal opinion?

And yet there are as many studies showing that ‘global warming’ is not the ‘crisis’ the Left try to make it, in that it’s not necessarily a cause & reaction to modern industrialization. Rather, it’s likely subjective to (a) global trends that fluctuate over decades, and/or (b) is caused by natural means like bovine methane, or (c) not even an issue. But we can’t have all of the information laid out for the public to decide, can we? We should instead rely on the reports the liberal media want us to see and the opinions they espouse. No thanks.

Sure, because everything revealed about John Kerry was a lie cooked up by conservatives? Wrong. Kerry hasn’t to this day released his military records. Why, you ask? Think about it … Further, I’m fascinated by the willful ignorance and dishonesty on the Left. Didn’t George W Bush suffer years of torment from liberals who accused him of going AWOL? Hasn’t GWB’s name been dragged through the mud for past sins like his encounter with drugs? For being born to a wealthy lifestyle (Kerry isn’t exactly poor)? Do the Left still not maintain GWB stole the presidency in 2000? Isn’t this another case where the Left would like for there to be only one side of the story reported - their side?!? Are they really trying to say that the smear campaigns against candidates is only a conservative weapon? Come on.

“Vile stew of bile”? The level of vitriol and hatred toward conservatives amazes me. Limbaugh bears the brunt of it more often than not. I can tell you that Limbaugh is more open and honest and fair than any talk show host the Left vomits out. Rush routinely allows liberal callers to the front of the waiting queue and politely spends more time allowing them to air their views on his show than he does conservative callers. That must be the “vile stew of bile” he’s referring to, because everything else I’ve personally heard on the EIB has been tempered with reason and logic. And isn’t it interesting that part of the Media Matters for America charter is to “discredit the right-wing media” ? That alone speaks volumes about the group.