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The elephant in the room is why must politicians capitulate to the homosexual lobby? You can't convince me that homosexuality is a minority in the same sense as blacks, hispanics and asians. I know I know, you were born that way. Sexual preference is a choice, why is that so hard to say? If it really weren't wrong or deviant, then why do homosexuals try so hard to explain how they can't help it, they were born that way? If it's perfectly normal, why go to such great lengths to prove it's genetic? So you won't have to take responsibility for your choice? What is it? It's 'sex'. Intimate genital relations (now we won't split hairs like 'sex' with a dog, 'sex' with a blow-up doll, 'sex' with an apple pie). So if two adults decide to swap genital fluid discharge and are of the same sex, I don't care at all as long as it's between them and in private. My problem comes in when they lobby politicians, parade, and otherwise force-feed it to us through their willing accomplices in the left-biased press. My problem is when they try to equate it to matrimony, a time-tested institution between a man and a woman. Now if they want to buy each other wedding bands, again, I don't care. But what's driving this?

Benefits. Tax breaks. Money.

So, go ahead ... weigh in.

Neo-Nazi March Causes Riots

I watched helicopter footage of this riot. The NatSo’s (Nazis) didn’t even get started before the violence broke out. There were young black men surging in waves, smashing everything in their path.

It looked like an excuse to commit violence and theft. There is absolutely no level of tolerance or civility from blacks who disagree with white supremists. I do not agree with white supremists, nor do I agree with black supremists. I watched CSPAN footage of the Millions More March last Saturday, and the New Black Panther Party had a strong presence there. They chanted “black power” Saturday as much as the Neo-Nazis chanted “white power” yesterday. I think it’s oxymoronic that there is societal acceptance for a New Black Panther party but not a Neo-Nazi party. I happen to think they’re both wrong, but with freedom of speech they both have the right to express their views - as warped as they are.

But I will ask the question that no one else seems to be asking. What exactly did the looting, otherwise known as stealing, have to do with protesting against the white supremist view? Did those hordes of young black men rush in to actually protest the Nazis? Or were they merely opportunists who saw a chance to get away with violence and theft? Think about it. If you believe they were only protesting the Nazis, who were not part of that neighborhood, please explain your position in the comments section; justifying the violence, looting, and vandalism.