Things To Do While Pumping Gas

Most of us remember service stations. There was a time that when you stopped to get gas, you pulled into a service station. A uniformed attendant would come over and get your gas order, check your oil level, wash your windshield, check your tire pressure, and take your payment without you ever getting out of your car. And guess what? Most of these service stations had a bay and fulltime mechanic who could change tires, batteries, oil, and do minor repairs. This wasn't a unique thing - it was common.

Now there are 'convience' marts. You get your gas, walk in (unless you pay at the pump) and get sodas, candy, chips ... whatever. You saved a four cents pumping it yourself, but are you really saving at all? Here's a jasminelive article you should take a few minutes to read.

Lets hope someone brings back service stations from extinction.

Jackson: 2004 Election Ain't Over

Further proving his irrelevance and lack of cognitive ability to grasp reality, Jesse Jackson has declared that "it ain't over... this race is not over until it is certified -- every vote is counted and honored."

Has anyone bothered to tell Jackson about the results and subsequent Kerry concession? Nevermind, it wouldn't matter. Jackson is obviously deep in his self-importance psychosis that he thinks elevates him above reality.

This is mostly what is wrong with liberals. They are so arrogant that they believe there is no way a conservative could actually win - there must be a conspiracy. In the liberal mind, they are always the winners because they are smarter than everyone else.

Some American's Abroad Pretending To Be Canadian

The hell! -you say? It's true. There are weasely wimpy no doubt liberal Americans traveling outside the States who are disavowing their allegiance to the flag.

While the US State Dept does advise travellers to use caution and not broadcast their nationality for security reasons, this venture into masquerading as a Canadian who is oot & aboot has a different flavor. Likely one that suggests shame for being American because of President Bush ...

Fight over Howard Dean papers goes before Vermont's high court

MONTPELIER, Vt. More than a year after the collapse of his presidential campaign, the fight over public access to Howard Dean's gubernatorial records goes before the state's high court next week.

The state is appealing a ruling from Superior Court Judge Alan Cook in February of last year saying that 86 boxes of records sealed by Dean when he left Livejasmin office in 2003 are presumed to be open.

Cook ordered that Dean and the state had to identify each of the hundreds of thousands of documents in the boxes and say why each should be covered by executive privilege.

Dean had asked as he left office that the records be sealed for ten years. The Washington-based group Judicial Watch sued to gain access to them.

Reply To An Email

The level of ignorance and intolerance on your site would astound me, but then i remembered there are many more that think like you. Way to say Christians and Jews are superior to everyone else, and that western society is better than any other. Just keep on thinking that way, im sure bush sees eye to eye with you.

Simon Rimmele

Ignorance and intolerance? Wow. No way I can defend that, since I don't know what you're referring to. But thanks for taking the time to stop by and then drop me a note.

I don't know much of anything about the Jewish faith, but I do believe that belief in God as the one true God is the only religion that can bring salvation. I can say that I don't believe myself "superior" to anyone, so I'll apologize if you've somehow gotten that impression. I will support your accusation that I believe the American way is the superior concept for a government. Further, I don't know why that is an issue. Don't you think our way is better than the rest of the world's??

As for seeing eye to eye with President Bush, you say that like it's a bad thing. No really, I don't know how true that is either. But as a president I do support him and his policies. I believe he will go down in history as having extraordinary successes, especially in handling a vicious terrorist attack against the United States and in the Middle East.



Clinton: Iraq Invasion Big Mistake

Old Slick Willie is at it again, sounding like a mouth-puppet for extremists on the Left. But Bill, didn’t you have a different opinion not too very long ago?

That’s what I thought. And what were your points for attacking Iraq again?

WMD’s - weapons of mass destruction? But the Left is telling us today there weren’t any, Mr. Clinton! You launched an offensive military strike against a foreign nation built on a “lie” that Saddam had WMDs! Tell the truth, Mr. Clinton, it was about the oil, wasn’t it ?!? The case you laid out then is the case carried forward by President Bush, but he is getting continuously condemned by your party for finishing what you started - an offensive strike to remove Saddam from power and disarm his threat. You did in tend to remove him from power, didn’t you?

That’s what I thought. But instead of dragging the ordeal out over years by letting the “Iraqi opposition forces” try to coup Saddam - raising the likelihood of tens of thousands of innocent lives getting crushed under Saddam’s boot with chemical weapons, bombs and bulldozers - President Bush went in fast and low, totally removed Saddam, and now Iraq has a constitution and is building a representative govenment.

We have done and are now doing what this president and the previous president believed would be the solution in Iraq - and yet the hypocritical liberals, democrats, and wacko-leftists claim Bush is wrong.

How two-faced can an entire group of people be?